Our delicious Hummus

Chickpeas, Tahini sauce, Limon juice, cumin and salt

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Chef Iyad’s Hummus is a classic appetizer that has its roots in the culinary history of Aleppo, Syria. The dish is made by blending cooked chickpeas with tahini sauce, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil until it becomes a smooth and creamy paste.

Chef Iyad adds cumin to the hummus, which gives it a warm and earthy flavor that complements the nuttiness of the tahini. The dish is often garnished with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of paprika and served with warm pita bread or vegetables for dipping.

Hummus is a staple dish in Middle Eastern cuisine and has been enjoyed in Aleppo for centuries. It is often served as part of a mezze platter, which is a collection of small dishes that are shared among diners. The use of tahini and cumin in the hummus is a testament to the influence of the Silk Road trade route on the local cuisine, which brought new flavors and ingredients to the region.

Overall, Chef Iyad’s Hummus is a delicious and flavorful appetizer that celebrates the rich culinary history of Aleppo and the bold and vibrant flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine.


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