BBQ Castalleta Lamb

Lamb rib cut, Aleppo spices

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Chef Iyad’s BBQ Castalleta is a delicious lamb dish that is made with a special blend of Aleppo spices, which is an old and treasured recipe inherited from our ancestors. This dish is perfect for barbecue parties or any special occasion where you want to impress your guests with a flavorful and juicy lamb dish.

To make Chef Iyad’s BBQ Castalleta, lamb rib cuts are seasoned with the Aleppo spice blend, which includes a combination of aromatic and flavorful spices that are unique to the Aleppo region. The lamb is then grilled on a barbecue or grill until it is cooked to perfection and has a charred exterior.

The result is a juicy and flavorful lamb dish that is sure to impress anyone who tries it. The combination of the Aleppo spice blend and the succulent lamb meat creates a dish that is packed with flavor and has a unique aromatic taste that is deeply rooted in the culinary traditions of Aleppo.

Overall, Chef Iyad’s BBQ Castalleta is a must-try dish for anyone who loves lamb and wants to experience the unique flavors and aromas of Aleppo spices. This dish is a testament to the rich culinary traditions of Aleppo and is sure to be a favorite among anyone who tries it.


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