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We are from Aleppo, the oldest city in history.  A city characterized by civilization, originality and generosity .. If you do not know much about Aleppo, let us tell you some valuable things about this beautiful city, as it was a destination for merchants in terms of its strategic location linked to the Silk Road that linking Asia and Europe.  This city will surprise you more if you read about it and learn about its history.

Alati family - Iyad's family

This family of Turkish origin managed to settle in the city of Aleppo more than 400 years ago and established its stores that were working in the silk trade in the old market in Aleppo (the city market) but when the war started, Iyad and his family fled and left this history behind them and settled in Turkey in  2012.


Since 2013, Ayad has been dedicated to providing clean, credible and fresh products daily in Turkey using old family recipes and transferring them to Turkish society.


 When he moved with his family to the United States in 2017, he enrolled and graduated from Highline College (Project Feast). Then he moved to live on the vashon island and began preparing baklava and Middle Eastern dishes to serve his new community.  

Iyad and his wife Safa

By support of the Vashon Island community, we started our small business with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable dining experience and conveying original Aleppo recipes in the fashion district.  Thanks to our expertise and dedication, we were able to paint a smile of satisfaction on the faces of our customers.  We always strive to improve and serve fresh, delicious and simple dishes.

Always open to your opinion to provide the best taste.





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